Monday, March 9, 2009

Cicakman2 : Planet Hitam review

Again, the sequel to the first Cicakman movie, a production by KRU studios and GrandBriliance ^_^ ~ Btw, ill be writing the review in english ( in case some googling dudes found this post, and rethink b4 making any pre-opinion about the movie ) And also, Bro14 already made his simple review which can be read here.

this pic is from Bro14... lol

I'll be reviewing the movie through pro and cons

Pro ( good thing about Cicakman2) :
  • Costume upgrade - Cicakman costume was nicely done, Rama costume remind me of Robin but in reality, it could not get any better right? The designs was smoothly done, it makes me want to laugh when watching the first movie.
  • The CG was better - On this sequel, we could see that KRU production have been learning a lot since the first movie. And Yusry KRU is still the Special Effects Director so it was better, especially the fire effects ( lol it was hard, fyi ). The fire effects was used a lot in many scene such as in Ginger1 and 2's scene, house burning, including the final scene but I think the effects was overused ( ha ha)
  • Better jokes - I can't really denying this, because the comedy script for the movie seems nicely done than last time. The scene where Professor Clone turns backward from the scene and put some eye moister to his eyes before turning back and cry was nice ( lol he was still holding the eye moister! )
  • Action ++ - People complaning for more action than the last movie, so here's the result... MORE FIGHTING! And yeah, I quite enjoying the fighting scene which continuously happened.
Cons (and whats bad... ) :
  • Camera View - Please, learn from either American superhero like Superman, Batman, or even Japanese superhero like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai on how to make nice camera view in superhero-type movie/drama.
  • Storyline - I'm just wishing the storyline would get an upgrade, rather than plain style superhero storyline
  • Useless scene - Some scene are better deleted, and yeah.. I mean really deleted ( no need to change camera view, DELETE! )
  • Skinny Cicakman - Literally translate from Malay language's Cicak Kobeng, and for the last time... I'm still can't believe myself to see a skinny superhero. He's thin, and when he's wearing his costume, big lol ~ I sometime talk to myself " Is this a superhero " ?
  • Soundtrack - Sometime, the background song was... how to say this? "Unsuitable" ~ Yeah, that happen when u mix up suspense melody in happy scene, and happy melody in suspense scene. @_@ . I love the first movie better for it's music.
Thats all folks, I hope ppl can get a little something-something from my writings. Majulah Cicakman Untuk Negara! And if you want to download, just go to this link, which linking back to's movie download section ( it need to be registered lol ) but I'm sure everyone would get a good use of it.

Chow! Cak cak cak!

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