Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Happy Sunday OPDL >.<

Explanation for the project i've posted at Ct3 ~ LoL, so this post got to be in english, so that most people could understand it. ^^

This is where you can see the original post at Ct3-fansubs --> LINK <-- Explaination Startooo! The video was Koharu Kusumi of Morning Musume, which are now still in Morning Musume (Until they graduated from H!P of course) and she is currently dubbing for the main character voice in anime Kirarin evolution ( i wonder if i spell this right?) ~ So as the main character which is Tsukishima Kirari (Koharu Kusumi), she is working hard to became an idol just for a guy she in love with - which explain why with the flashy2, cute stuff going on with Koharu Kusumi cloths and sets when working on the show related. Btw, you will see the difference of her appearance in both Morning Musume (which is more matured) and in Kirarin revolution (really childish.. LoL)

Also, this isnt the first time that Ct3-fansubs have subbed her video ( Tada! ) The first video of her was the PV Papancake - a PV also for Kirarin Revolution, talks about the main character's father with his really dillicous Pancakes. See it here ( i've upload them myself >.< Ha ha) Also, the subbed PV was also the first collaboration of Ct3-fansubs and Order Of Zeronos, which is now are stopped (we're busy afterall) but I'm still looking forward for another work to collaborate with them ^^

The reason I wanted to sub this? Well, I just downloaded the full RAW, including the Dance Shot, One Point Lesson, and The Making ~ So I watched them all ( of course... ) Then something happened when I'm watching the One Point Dance Lesson video ~ "She's so cute!!" that was in my mind, I really can't take off my eyes over the vid ( She was too adorable - her high pitch voice was the best! LoL ) I even watch the video when I wanted to go to class ( where I would stress myself ) Ooo Koharu, you're my savior ( another LoL)

Okay, everyone reading this must be addressing my as a true "HENTAI" now right? ~ LoL! It wasn't like that afterall. Maybe I wrote too much and full with emotion (even though I'm not the person I'm describing) XD Some emotion in this blog was just Hyperbola and wasn't related to what my level of feelings refered too anyway ~ Either way, enjoy Happy Happy Sunday ( btw, the video was released on Sunday too XD) and you could download them here

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