Sunday, April 19, 2009

Malay Fansubs Industries

Hahaha! This post had to be done in English since I'm aiming for international spread rather than just “for Malaysians”. Anyway, please go easy on my English. It probably won't end up good but I'll try to make my points clear. ^^

  1. Pre – Fansubs

Most of us Malaysians (and non-Malaysians) knew that DVDs and CDs subtitles sucked, and I'm in no position to argue about it. A few distributer hired Chinese translator (no offence!) to translate the scripts into chinese. Most of the time, these translation covers the character's name, places, and even worse; the special terms used in the show. These translation was bad enough, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

These chinese translation will later on be translated to English (probably, a different translator), the English translation will be passed to another person, to translate them into Malay Language (Bahasa Malaysia). Being at the end of the translation chain, normally and usually, the Malay translations are the worst.

These HK subs ( Hong Kong sub ) phenomenon are currently unstoppable in Malaysia Industries, and if you did find any DVD that even get the names right – BE GRATEFUL. Most people claimed that translating Japanese script to Chinese are easy but I'd advise you to put some thought before buying DVD with these subtitles (Malay / English / Chinese)

  1. Fansubs

Since 2007, I had founded my own Malay fansubs, and we're subtitling Kamen Rider shows and selected anime shows to be subtitled with BM subtitles. Being frank, the trend of getting a show in BM subtitles is currently growing, but it is still on a concerning level. Even locally, Malaysians will download the English subtitled shows and never bats an eye to their local fansubbing groups.

Known BM based Fansubbing groups: (active)(dead)

  1. Post – Fansubs

At this exact moment, I'm sticking to support any fansubs group amog my peer (BM subtitles) to build a better platform for more BM fansubs to grow and mature. To Malaysians that currently reading this post, do support us (local fansubs) and spread the love.

Fansubber exists as long as the “fans” exist.

10/03/2010 – New fansubs to the list
06/11/2013 – Proof-read, rephrase and fix the post. Added a few fansubs to the list.


rhump-kid said...

ada member ak komen yg sesetengah sub dlm ct3 kelihatan cam indon sket.btol ke?

h3nshin_h3r03s said...

"Mcm indon sket"... Itu bergantung kepada pandangan kita sendiri. Pihak Ct3 mengamalkan terjemahan baku dan bukannya pasar(rojak). Mungkin diatas sebab itu, ada penonton yang melihat sarikata Ct3 seperti terjemahan bahasa indonesia.

Anonymous said...

go go dazn !!! hehehe....

Wan Huz said...

Yo Henshin, add skali fansub baru kitaorg dkat dalam list ni :)