Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kesunyian ini...

Alo smula ~ Akhirnya nak smbung smula cerita2 peribadi setelah berblog dalam bahasa omputih beberapa hari lalu. >.< I'll start by answering Fiffy tag toward me (damn i hate that!)

This a pic three years back... And I was not there too. From left : Tomok, Azlan, Dyan, and Rayhan. Didnt remember well their nick spelling (gomen x classmates... >.<) It was taken during my form 5 class trip ( 5 Berlian ) to... forgot (OMG!.. how did that happen?) I would not tag anyone else bcoz that would be annoying but if you insisted, juz tell me. Btw, i once met rayhan at KL lol, while she's dating... (opsi) but i dont know if she noticed me though ( ~_~ ) At that time, i was juz being totally otakuish (mybela..)

For updates : I'm currently rewatching an old anime called Sadamitsu The Destroyer. It was a nice tokusatsu-anime series. 10 episodes, alien kicking superhero, and a nice love plot addition to it. I have the VCD back at home, but I still want to watch them with the better subs... So download le... Remember about the Q.E.D DVDs with Takahashi Ai (Momosu's) i said i saw earlier at KL? Well, it have the subbed version online and the series was quite an interesting story. It have the different storyline than Hajime Kindaichi's and Conan's so I think it was rather an original one. Some dude graduated from MIT returned to high school in Japan and got dragged with a hyperactive girl. I juz watched 2 ep of it... But it was quite nice ^^

Next update...? Ah! The semester holiday will officially start at 5 May, but only Mujaheed and me are staying back here at the hostel now (jeng! jeng! jeng!) He was an old friend of mine since high school and accidently enter the same course, and same house too (LoL). My flight will be at 12 May, so I have around 1 + more weeks to play around this near empty apartment.. Yeah!

More updates of my boring life will come soon.... Lalalala

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