Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simple Japanese Game Gaming Tips

LoL, have you ever played a game in Japanese and never know what it says? In the end, people juz remembered the special characteristic for some writing and make selection based on it. So, rejoice ~ I'll tell some tips


スタト :START : ス(su) + タ(ta)+ ト(to)


サープ : SAVE : サー(se~) + プ (bu)

ロート : LOAD : ロー(ro~) + ト(to)

STORY (in case in selection like STORYMODE)

ストリ : STORY : ス(su) + ト(to) + リ(ri)

MODE (juz for info though)

モード : MODE : モー(mo~) + ド (do)


はい : YES : は(ha) + い(i) *** Haik = Yes

いいえ : NO : いい(i~) + え (e) *** Ie = No

p/s : I didn't quite sure about some wordings like SEBU or SEPU for SAVE / ROTO or RODO for LOAD. Sorry ^^;;

I think thats all for now. I juz suddenly feeling to post this since I juz played a few japanese fighting over my ps2 ~ So hoping it can help some people, and happy learning

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Anonymous said...

サープ = SABU bukan SEBU

ロート= ROTO - oh ye anda tertinggal tanda dekat TO tu ye...