Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Upcoming Stuffs or I Things I Want To See

Salam and 1Malaysia to all ^_^. A redesign ( i wonder why it was simpler than before... ) but just leave that aside for now... I'm just happy that the Astro Boy CGI film went okay (and it went reallllly good too - if compared to Dragon Ballz!) As far as this goes on, two film by Imagi (TMNT - Ninja Turtles and Astro Boy) really goes well but I would just wait one more...

1. Gatchaman

Did that name sound familiar? Five teenagers dressed in bird costume and fight evil... Now that sound familiar ~ Or maybe you would know it by its american name : Battle of The Planets (If I'm not mistaken...) Here's the recorded trailer of it (thanks for uploading it to utube [insert youtube uploader here])

*Just hope soon it will be on live action too!*

2. Megaman / Rockman Live Action

Actually there is a planning to make this as live action (although fan made) but it got "the looks" and perfectly match how Megaman/Rockman would be if it was made into the cinemas anyway. I'm just happy that the movie will be somewhere around this year (2009 - yeah!) and plus! Because it was a fan-made so it wouldn't made it to the real cinemas near you but I think it would be distributed widely in the internet very soon. Ah ~ Let the videos do my talking then. Here's the youtube video of the trailer (looks very promisinngggg!)

*Can't wait!!!!*

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