Friday, December 11, 2009

4am Breakfast

Salam and Salam1Malaysia!

Since 3-4am is literally my 8-9am ~ Here's the menu for breakfast

Er... What else? Yeah ~ Finished watching 14 Sai no Haha (not marathoned, purposely didn't watch the last episode for a few days because a story that good shouldn't end that quick!) Yup ~ keep it in mind "14 sai no Haha is a good jdrama"... What else? Liar Game s2 episode 3, entertaining as it should be :D.

Anime watching list!
  • Ryuusei No Rockman ( Juz wasting my time with this 10-minute per episode anime = rather good though)
  • Busou Renkin :: Juz suddenly trying to recall what I've read in Manga but it turn out Busou Renkin is good either on manga or anime (Note: watch them too :P)
  • That's it ~ I got nothing... Hahaha
Happy December ^_^

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