Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yawn ~ Pembalikan?

Salam ~ SalamOneMalaysia

Aku sedang slowly turning into kelawar smula ~ andai kata aku berjaya tidur seawal jam 9-10 mlm maka aku akan bangun jam 3 pagi (automatik) dan hidup seperti biasa namun ptg tu aku akan rasa mengantuk gila dan kemdian tertidur even before isyak (damn!) yep... Badan aku dah tak stabil dan ia seolah2 katakan yg waktu tidur aku ialah mulai petang sehingga tgh malam... Got no way turning back tpi harap2 la normal semula before kmbali ke uni karang.

Updated things since the last post:
  • I've putted the Fansubs Updates widget for everbody to visit the fansubs that subbing my current watching list (Liar Game, Samurai High School and KR Double)
  • Kdrama Witch Yoo Hee are finally redownloaded and rewatched!. Took 3 DVDs but yeah, it was worth it. Still think that the final ep sux though.
  • Currently watching 14 sai no Haha- comment? Sad, very sad drama ~ Aren't my type but it's good to try them anyway (My preparation for the UPCOMING DAYS - lol)
  • Samurai High School currently at 4... Waiting for ep 5!
  • Liar Game s2 ep3... waiting for it to be subbed.
  • Kamen Rider Double 13 ~ not much to talk about right? Since Kamen Rider is like everybody's favourite right now ( a certain contrast to 2006 scenario )
  • Ningen No Shoumei ep7 ~ Didn't include this on the last watching list but yeah, it was interesting and I can't help to watch them! RECOMMENDED!
  • Ct3-fansubs's torrent is already getting leechers ~ And I'm seeding them like 24/7
  • Downloadin' the first Storm Rider movie ~ Never really remember the first one so I'll rewatch them before goin to the cinema again. (Although I'm not actually a cinema-kinda dude)

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