Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maggie Sudah Kembang

A title represent the content? I don't think so! I won't be babbling about my maggie(s) in my blog although I always thought of doin' that.

Maggie Sudah Kembang... I could use that on my other blog lol. After "Aku Bukan Echii" then it's "Maggie Sudah Kembang"... I could see the continuation of an EPIC chronology just base on that (LUL). The term "Maggie sudah kembang" is kinda cool huh? Even Afdlin Shauki approved that in the latest season of Raja Lawak Astro << Recommended! Even got 2 contestants (1 individual, 1 group) from Sabah this time. Hoping they will get the top 3 from that.

On the other subject! I'm using Win 7 now (been a few months already) but now! I miss my trusty-o XP again. Why is it called XP and what does that stands for? I don't know either. Win 7 is better than Vista, no doubt but still, XP kinda have the long history of compatibility than Win 7 (OS that eat more salt la katakan)

I'm currently working on videos for an upcoming software competition and while I was brainstorming for ideas, look what I find. It was also the main reason I'm back to I LOVE XP mode.

See? Straight to conlusion! XP ROCKS

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rhump-kid said...

im kinda miss my xp either,even im forgot it so long....