Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mairu! *edited

*edited : Added original works since peppercat goes off like "Damn! I thought that was your own drawing! What a coward to use others deviantart! ^&*!&^&(!*@&!(*#^($!!!!" Nah, j/k. I just have some more free time before next week.

Despite the exams and assignment, finally! Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is completed! What is Shinkenger? Link to wikipedia >> HERE

Looking back at my posts, I finally remembered what I actually wrote after its first episode (Blog Post Here) and here I am, showing off after watching it till the end (IRONI? / HYPOCRITE?)

Watch Shinkenger! It was a nice series and no doubt about it. A lots of people stated that the series have a great storyline and yea ~ it was true. Plus, this recommendation wasn't made primarily because of my tokusatsu geekness! I've watched a few sentai(s) in the recent years and for sure, Shinkenger have its extra character that make it extra cool.


One last thing... I know that ShinkenYellow's actor is Suzuka Morita from the group Idoling! (Although I never follow anything bout the group/team) but somehow! SOMEHOW! Somehow I always end up swapping her face to Airi Suzuki of Cute/Buono/H!P ~ Yea, I know that it maybe a fanboy thing but yea... I don't know but... What is it! What's the similarities?!

Ah damn, I need to continue making my ASSignments or my Chinese New Year holiday would end up useless. Good morning everbody ^^

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Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHHA!! LOL! Yeah that's the way to go Henshin! Show what you can do! Huyeah!! Ini baru betol.