Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ikut SYOK diorg jeee!


Yeah, like I care >.< ?!

Back in 200X (as X representations are abstract to most people, let it just remain as a mystery), malay people aren't actually keen to share and care within themselves but now, it's a total opposite of it. It was nice seeing people shares stuffs and videos throughout the internet and the price? Just your ordinary rm110 combo streamyx bill and RMY ringgit for your electric bills (Yeah, Y is also the algebraic expression I've chosen for your bills).

How should thing gone worst? Well, lemme post some screencaps for everybody to see :P

Both screencaps was taken from the Wangan Midnight The Movie by Tvnihon (Public should have knew this group, 7 years fansubbin' Tokus already) ~

What's wrong with both pics? Well, Try clickin on the thumbnails to see the horror (Middle Click by mouse would open a new tab) Did you see it? Did you?

"HARDSUBBED BY eSZack, WWW.SYOK.ORG" & ""HARDSUBBED BY eSZack@~TeamAngelz~" Nice one! The fansubs worked day and night for the release and this eSZack just took all that fame and even promote SYOK... WOW! Really berofessional (beruk + professional = no offence)!!

Let you guys be the judge! Just to tell you guys, I wasn't the person download the video from syok.org, it was my friends but yea, since I already saw these "HARDSUBBED BY PUTIDIOTSNAMEHERE" by them so please, please! Download the original file at their (tvnihon) website ==> REAL TV-NIHON's LINK, AND NOT SYOK.ORG's <==

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rhump-kid said...

wah...memang syok dorang mengunakkan hak cipta org len erk..aku ada gak donload cite omputih kat situ,tapi for toku,biasanya cari kat real fansub site cth nya tv nihon,ct3 & etc.Peoples should know this bro...good info.