Friday, March 26, 2010

Jealous Or... Not Appropriate?

Assalamualaikum, salam 1Malaysia ~ How's your Friday?

The weather was nice, sunny; And I'm alone in my room, my roommate went back to his hometown for (dunno what reason); and two of my only lab session today was cancelled = NICE!

Actually, I want to post video and brag about my new GN-0000 (Gundam 00) 1/100 scale but yeah, it would be too OBVIOUS (LOL) ~ So I'm just gonna tell it that (whisper: I've recorded the un-boxing session - want to see it?)

Okay, back to the topic! My works are adding up (again), Ct3-fansubs is nowhere updating (since I was busy doing assignments and yea - blogging) So! What's with the JEALOUS huh? It's easy and simple - It was somehow related to our favorite social networking sites (You should have guess it : and

Going through that list of friends, most of my friends are studying abroad now (Yea, including Indonesia laaa ~ Excluding Malaysia region plz!) Huhuhu, while I'm stuck studying IT in an unknown college at Melaka ~ Everyone goes for UTP, UM, and even abroad universities in (Put your foreign country list here). DAMN IT! LoL ~ Although I should have known it better (It was my fault to not study well in high school)

Ah! One more thing! What's actually with those people that post pictures of them and their... partner (I guess... What's the term I'm looking for... Darling - no, Couple - maybe!) Let's go for couple then. I know they want to show the world I HAVE A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND! but yea, did they actually know their parents can even see that? LoL! And teenagers should know better how our parents actually take those things into account right? All that intimate pictures (even kisses - PACEPALMING), just hope those guys would not post their SXE pictures in the social sites, while having their INTIMATE SESSION TOGETHER on their FIRST NIGHT...

End of post, I'll just end it with a awkward feel since I'm feeling like that right now...
~ Assalamualaikum ~

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Fiffy Syafiqa Hazirah said...

hoho.. rilek2.. semua benda ada hikmahnya... ko study kt msia je ada hikmah gak.. hoho..

yg tnjuk kapel dorg kt fb tu, dorang cakap muka dorang market kot... xpn bgtau org yg dia dah ada org punya... ak pn x paham

ada gak yg parents dorg dont care dorg kapel pn.. ada yang menggalakkan lg ada la..

kalau parents aku?? dah kena warning awal2 dah aku ni. wakaka