Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh! Berjaya! Bahagian 05... FINAL

Assalamualaikum, Salam 1Malaysia.

Today I got stressed out and suddenly melawan Encik A, lol, what do I care? Well, I'm emotionally unstable since the last presentation before was going on as plan (bukan nak bragging, but I am happy how the presentation start and end)

The group members was perfect, 3 people with busy life, and yea ~ it was hard for me to actually finish up the report (which is the case that I suddenly blow my anger of) and yea ~ Another reminder, I can't do well in documentations so please please please, don't let me do it. It will end up rubish and full of crap and shit.... Or late and I end up gaduh ngan lecturer.

Btw, this post is written after En A and me argued (he's in the front, while i'm magically sat at the far most back of the class)

Here's how the argument goes....

Encik A: HaBA SMS Alert System?

*public voices...*

Encik A: HabA SMS Alert System?

*I raise my hand slightly*

Encik A: What's the point of you raising you hand? I ask you 2 times already! Where's your prototype?

Me: We don't have a prototype! (Yea, I was shouting from the back)

Encik A: Why are you talking like that? Is that how you talk to you lecturer?

Me: .... monologue (Yea, I'm waiting for this time)

Encik A: Is that how you talk to your lecturer?!

Me: No ~

Encik A: Where is your report?

Me: Didn't finish it.

Encik A: So how?

Me: I'll send it by tonight.

Encik A: And so give explainable reasons.

Me: ...

Encik A: I don't care if you finish and came up smart like that. But you didn't finish it on time, didn't fill the requirements (KINDA FORGET WHAT HE SAID ALREADY)

Me: ...

Encik A: You see how just one people can spoil the mood? One people can spoil everbody's moods.

Me: ... monologue("I'm having no problem with it... Since I knew the mood will be back fine with these much people")

That concludes the arguement ~ lol, it was kinda funny to actually heard that all people goes into silence.

Yea, I'll leave you guys with another arkward feeling... lol. FINALLY, I HAVE EXPRESSED MY ANGER TO EN. A, I AM RELIEVED IT WAS THE FINAL CLASS.

...The End...


Anonymous said...

I just want to say my opinion..
there are something in life we do not like,but we do not really need to show them...but we can express them to who we believe and share.. this is where we need best friend or some one important to us..
when we show negative thing ..the more negative thing will come to us...well maybe we relieve at mad at someone..but what happen is look at surrounding... what people will judge at us and.. what will happen to our relationship with the person we mad at..ALLAH is very adil to us..Allah who the one who judge the person..not ...but maybe other alternative..we can talk to the person we mad at... that is the better way

h3nshin_h3r03s said...

I appreciate your comment but yea ~ We people do have problems, and we do choose our actions.

Sometime, emotions can take over logic and it's true -- I have a very tight connection to my emotions (been livin that way since... ever)

Allah is just, HE is very adil ~ And life is just a road. I've been patient with En A for a long time (I think) but to actually make that mess in the class...?

I am ready for the consequences, just I think I can't apologize to him for what that happen was true, and there's no excuse for it.