Thursday, March 11, 2010

Untukmu / Kimi ni Todoke

Yatta, finally! Satu lagi review, lagipun tentang siri anime! (which is rare by me >.<)

Few days lately, I just fell in love with another comedy anime ( I guess the first was Lovely Complex - and yeah, for some reason Kimi ni Todoke also share the same drawing stroke as LoveCom)

I present to you, Kimi Ni Todoke!! (engtrans: From me to you, mlytrans: Untukmu) fansubbed by another new malay fansubs group - Amixstream. For now, they only subbed until episode 10 but yeah, it worth it (guaranteed!)... Here's some comedic scene screencaps for all!

Kuronuma Sawako, main character

Sawako with "I-I'm sorry!"

Animal and children afraid of Sawako ~ Sawako: "It's normal"

Er... Sawako ~ This is her good smile (really!)

Sawako... "Saya berguna kepada semua orang!"

I should post more screencaps bout other character but nope ~ Because Sawako is like the main and the best character in the anime itself. A girl who didn't actually knew her own feeling (like love and happy). She often make wrong face expression (refer evil smile) and that make the comedy epic! (XD ~)

I'm looking forward towards the end of the series >.<... Go Sadako! I mean- Sawako!

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