Saturday, April 24, 2010

Engineering/Software Workshop

Assalamualaikum, world peace!! Yeah!!

I just get back from KLCC to attend a UI (User Interface) workshop, as a preparation for the upcoming final competition of a lil something I've been in shit into. Best of all? It was under Microsoft yeah ^_^. I'm not bragging or stuffs and lots of thanks to three (and all) that help we to even achieving to that level. I'm just a parasite in the group, still lurking in the tight situation, wondering what can I do to help you guys.

We started our journey to KLCC from Melaka around 7.30, i think... And the activity starts around 10.00 (kot)... Met a lots of great guys and girls doin their best in their aspects of livin and yea ~ I'm still thinking "WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I DON'T DESERVE THIS?!" until at this very moment I'm writing this post. After around 3 session of talks and talks and lots of academically stuffs talk, it end up around 5.30pm ~ Fuh...

We even got our permission to lepak-lepak around KLCC for about 1 hour (or so, since Alif, Shafiq and me wasted our time just to search a particular diner and turns out the other member that inform Alif the place was mistaken....) And so, what you'll get? 3 decent guys eat a whole meal each in 15 minutes, the time is running out!

Conclusion from the workshop? It was boring, but non the less, it OPENED me EYES! There are a lots more things to explore - specially in the Information Technology courses. Few of the presenter also talks much about their experience along the talk, and yeaaa - real case study helped me to understand those suppose-to-be boring theoretical thingy.

That's all minna ~ I'll try to post more "INTERESTING" stuffs later, you got the point right? Those stuffs where I brag about Gundam, Kamen Rider, or more trivial stuffs... LOL, j/k :P

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