Monday, April 12, 2010

My Youtube Fav

Assalamualaikum, to all people! How r u?!

I'm still happy how the theme turns out to be right now (really original, doncha think so? - hehehe) ~ Btw, straight to the topic!

Mario Kart Love Song

Have u heard of Mario Kart Love Song (this is like last year's news lol)

The lyric are nice, the song too ~ and yea, it sounded like you want to sing along and experience how Mario love the princess ^^ It was a nice song that redefine love inside games like Mario (although you should remember how lolling the game goes before... Just rescuing Toad until the last stage. Its weird, but nonetheless, I'm happy with it)

Ray William Johnson

Yea, this guy is very entertaining (lol) He's posting new videos every Monday & Thursday (or in +GMT8, its around Tuesday and Friday)

Every week, he'll make fun of 3 viral video in the web (or youtube) and yup, it can be addictive (lol) cause now I'm following his video every week, kinda my way of releasing the life stresses. WARNING: this guy use A LOT of internet meme words and sarcastic words, be prepared (juz chill)


Yay! Meekakitty! She shared her life experience nicely and yea, it was entertaining - She loves reading, and yea ~ weird things too ( She even recorded her participation in an anime convention )

Her videos can be addictive too so, you have to pay attention to the little side on the bottom right of your computer (the time!) It's still a wonder how youtube celebrities can be so famous

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