Thursday, April 29, 2010


Assalamualaikum, Salam 1 Mesia,! And now, I am free from those things called "examination" (for now) so I'm back to do things I'd do best ~ mumbling nonsense stuffs here (>.<) LoL

Anyhow, have you guys seen Detective Conan? If any of you actually followed that stuffs, you should know Kid right? Yeah, Kid the Phantom Kid ~ Here's whats new about him (I just found out recently though)


"I'm Kaito Kid!"

I just download both the RAW and the subbed ver (by DCTP - google them!) and yup, it was veryyy cool (I think the OST should have thumbs up, since it was wayyy cooler than Shinichi/Conan's own theme - lol >.<)

This episode just aired (don't know when) but I do hope that Kid will have his own anime series, since how good the episode goes... But when I rethink again... Logically - The reason the episode was so cool is because... OVA? Oh damn! Just hope this is the "true" episode 1 ~_~...

I'll leave you guys, salam!

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rhump-kid said...

ova? aduyai...xbest la cmni...