Monday, May 24, 2010

Continue? 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0... Game Over!

Assalamualaikum, salam satu malaysia!

Hi, I'm still busy doing-nothing, as always ... Or I juz end up doing trivial things that wasted my time and money. Anyway! Let's just go into the topics fast and furious-ly.

Street Fighter IV @ Sabah
Yeah, Street Fighter IV FTW! Luckily, the Arcade on the Ground Floor of Center Point is already "serving" this game but at some point, I don't know why no one is playing the game (mybe lots of Sabahan actually didn't enjoy playing SF anymore... T_T) Yep, I was the one using Ryu, lose, and bold enough to take a pic of the lose... LOL

New Gundam Game : Gundam VS Gundam
Gundam VS Gundam! A new Gundam game that also sets foot on the same arcade I've told above (It was juz a few machine beside it anyway) yet! The machine was filled with people and to even took a two time playing with a friend is... quick. It was an easy lost and yep, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON! The game was fast, and it used a hell lot different type of gameplay from the last Renpou VS Zaft (Gundam Seed, Seed Destiny's). What's best about the game? Crossover FTW (You can call it another KR Decade game - except it was the "real" thing and the fight was more worth it, and... a lot more fandom stuffs that you can use to brag over with your friends during lunch and free time (lol). What's sadden me about the game is... the console version was on PSP! T_T ~ I thought it will be release on Ps2 too but it seems, the dream will not come true so, maybe I should buy one (I mean, a PSP)... Hmm ~ I wonder what's the price range for a standard PSP nowadays.

00 Gundam : 1/100 Scale
As the picture shows ~ This could be the only Gundam (in my collection) that I've spent a lot of time idling "not" to finish it. LoL ~ Bought it off online (yeah, my first time too) with rm105 (or so, didn't remember) and after a long time waiting (2 weeks or so) it arrive and the only part I assembled is the legs. And as you can see, the head and the body was JUST FINISHED a few hours ago (lol)... Nontheless, I've enjoyed assembling it (it was a new experience each time, since I only have 2 1/100 scale right now)

P/s: As for the last post's (the langkawi post), my team lose, but it was a great experience and yes, I would be glad to join the competition again next year.

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