Monday, May 10, 2010

Kamen Rider T-Shirt... Anyone?

Assalamualaikum, Salam 1 Malaysia!

I am back with confidence and yea, do expect a lot from me again (the post about suicide and stuffs... It's real but maybe you won't listen about that thing for like... 100 post more XD~)

So now to the topic... Kamen Rider themed T-shirt? If I actually do that, would anyone actually buy it? LoL ~ I have thought about this idea for a while and have been planning it all along with Peppercat but we should just wait, and see... (XD ~)

Why a shirt? It's just a lil some merchandise thingy that come into mind wasn't it? I've been to a few event and guess what? The T-Shirt is the main attraction - duh! I'd found I'm very fond to wear my AstroBoy (Airasia's), Daicon, and GACC shirt since it was like... super "rare" (unless you've meet someone with the same background with yours, of course)

I will continue the Tokusatsu shirt project once I finished a few of my works now and then (for the "now" scenario... It's a competition) So! Please look forward for the shirt, the design, and it will be published under Ct3-fansubs (most likely) and it would be fun (looking forward for it ^_^)

Salam ^_^

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ePUL said...

I would LOVE to buy it. i've been searching for kamen rider t-shirt here. if you do start to sell this merchandise, do let me know.