Friday, May 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera - and now! For more news and irrelevant info regarding arcades and shit. (Irony, since I always blabbering that "I'm not a game person")

Yesterday (Thursday), I went again to another shopping mall here at Sabah - and guess what, more Street Fighting shit over there too! I present to you - 1Borneo!

Picture was taken from the internet... No illegal purpose was intended in making this post.

Here, you can see that the Street Fighter was installed in the great-arcade-machine! Superb sound, nice big screen and of course - contentment in playing the arcade version of Street Fighter 4 in nice big screen (Yea - I played the game in a medium graphic, non-standard resolution in my laptop T_T)

- Nothing to see here... Just a blurry gameplay - 

- Another blurry gameplay (damn you camera!) - 

Found this cute lil bastard over at ToysRus, at the underground flour in 1Borneo

P/S: Did I forget to tell you that 1Borneo is the biggest shopping mall in ALL Borneo? - It was even using the tagline "The 1st & the largest lifestyle hypermall in east malaysia"... HYPERMALL! Yea Hypermall!

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