Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tips to Fast Browsing

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia.

What can you do to fasten your internet browsing? Mostly people will go for faster internet service, faster particular website, but I won't touch any of it on this post. Please, go find about things like "Youtube accelerator", "Fastest browsers" somewhere else like "Google". Here's a few option to actually shorten your hours in the internet, and concentrate more on productive things like WORK and ASSIGNMENT.

First thing's first, the tips only concern with the internet browser Google Chrome. What you need to do is to actually understand a few technology that can make your internet browsing faster.
  1. RSS reader.

    Nowadays, even the simplest .blogspot and wordpress blog have an automatic RSS embed on. Btw, what's RSS again? I won't explain it in details but certain things does make the difference. Try clicking THIS to actually open my RSS entry. How was it? Understandable? LoL

    Actually RSS contains the same information on your blog too, except it was in a very simple format. For starters, try and download THIS extensions.

    In a nutshell, you just paste the Name, its RSS directory, and yep ~ You will be notified once a new post have been posted on your friends blogs.

    In example ~ The Blogger RSS directory will be in this format =
    while the wordpress RSS directory will be around this format =

    Try and experience the fast blog update notification ever! ^_^.

  2. Mail checker.

    Google Mail (gmail) ? Or Yahoo Mail ? Both are covered!

    Click HERE for link for Google Mail Extension.

    Click HERE for link for Yahoo Mail Extension.

  3. Facebook.

    Ever getting tired of going to Facebook?

    Use THIS to get instant notification (Yea, the same like in the Facebook)

    Seems the explanation are getting lesser huh?

  4. Scheduling.

    THIS extensions help you block particular website (let me guess... Facebook perhaps?) by a time period, so you can focus on your work!

That's all folks ^_^

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