Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girlfriend? LoL XD

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia ^^

My holiday will be over in.... around 1 week and yet - I can't get enough of it! We need more holiday, yay! Speaking of holiday, the owner of this blog, Rusher20x has finally ended his non-study holiday and went from working to study mode again - and guess what? He's studying just around 10 minute drive from my home (@Sabah) and actually... we did met and had a few conversation (since he's staying at my house for a nite before the registration) - And what you've been waiting for! THE PICTURE!

lol, mcm gambo bomoh/tukang ubat kat news too - tinggal takda serban je lagi

Do not get me wrong here, since I always end up blurring and censored real life pictures since well ... people can get really annoying via online and yea - Rusher also ask me to censored/blur out his picture for personal reasons.

Change topic! Maybe I'll be out to KK (Kota Kinabalu) with Rusher this weekend to show him a few places around the central Sabah (since it was his first time being here) and let's just hope I can get few nicer pics (maybe start using real camera - that was from phone) before I went back to Melaka ^_^

Another topic! (And this time it explain on the title) - I just went out to KK this morning, bought my guitar spare parts, an Ibanez pick, a headphone, and watched KAPOWW : Atoi The Ajaib Boy. Btw, I also watched Toy Story 3 and planned to make simple review about it (both TS3 and KAPOWW) but I think that stuffs will be added later (or never)

Ending notes - KAPOWW stands for Kesatuan Antarabangsa Peringkat Olimpik Wira Wira... lol

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