Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Finally! 17 June! (refer previous post)

Few things to note!
  1. The Karate Kid (the remake, with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son) sounds weird, since the title and the story doesn't seems to be related. (Although I didn't watch it myself) The title is KARATE but the series movie resolve around a kid who learn KUNGFU, wow... really weird. But actually the movies already entered Malaysia around a week ago (10 JUNE) and I didn't know it before I watched the trailer at the tv yesterday's (16th) evening.
  2. Today would be the premier for Toy Story 3 and Kapoww: Atoi the Ajaib Boy and to be frank - I really really really want to watch both movies on the same day, and on marathon (WHAT?!) but since I am not that movie-a-holic and my economy status aren't allowing that, I think I'll just pass it for today. I'll only watch either one (leaning towards TS3)(wait, check wallet first...)
  3. Hm... What else?
  4. End.

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