Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pening Kepala... Argh!

- Assalamualaikum, salam 1Malaysia -

When you are into your blogging world and life, what you'll think and live with is making a writing out of your life, and I really meant it that way. What you encountered (IRL or Net) will be your topics and stuffs to be blogging about and yea - it does make a difference (when you actually sharing info and give your viewers a bit knowledge around rare and interesting stuffs)

In the recent days, I've been writing few draft on few stuffs and since I'm not the "let's finish it now" type.... It end up useless in my draft posts. And so, I came out with nothing (lol) all along. So, let's just sum it all up so you guys can actually do a little bit of research on those things on your own, while I just summarize what was those thing about... ^^"

17 JUNE - This date would be awesome, since a few movies will be out too (explain them later)

TOY STORY 3 - Can't wait to see this, release on 17 JUNE ( refer above ^^)

Kapoww: Atoi The Ajaib Boy - Another Malaysian superhero-comedy movie. Also, will be release on 17 JUNE (yeah).

That should sum that one up, and why no more arcade updates? Well the main reason would be... "I spend almost all my money enjoying for cinemas, and bus fees to go to the mall, for those arcade updates"

Btw, here's a pic that should get you interested in Kapoww: Atoi The Ajaib Boy ^_^

Ok, let's see.... 
We got Ultraman (mask, costume) and Kamen Rider (antenna, belt) parody here... 
My main reason to watch it ^_^

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