Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aksi Panas! Hot!

Whoever that thought that this post is pron-related... You're so damn wrong.

Recently, my laptop just went off because of overheat, so I take a little bit of research about CPU temperatures. Let's see, normal CPU temperature should be around 37-40 Celcius, and the point for the PC/Laptop to execute a sudden shut down is around... 55 Celcius. BUT! Why is my CPU at 80 >.< ?!

8:51:08 (6 JULY) -> 2:26 (7 JULY) - It's just 6 hours damnit! I really need to get myself a PC so that I wouldn't end up with a new laptop each year (lol)

Btw, look at this - it even highlighted the green as the percentage of the temperature in the taskbar... Almost full.... Cis! >.<

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