Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too Many Stuffs to Blog About? How About A Summary ^^ ?

Assalamualaikum, salam perpaduan.
It's been long (2 weeks +, and even to say this blog is updated weekly... =_=")

To be frank, a lot of stuffs happened - yet it was un-blogged since I was damn busy. With Ct3-fansubs with it 2nd's anniversary, Events in KL (Bon Odori), and a sudden class trip to Genting Highlands - I'm dying to blog and brag about all that but yeah - my lazy self would just take control once I opened the New Post page... Here's the summary of what happened (which I supposed to wrote about it long ago)

  • 14th July - Went to Genting Highlands with few class members. A whole day at Genting - speechless! I can still feel the thrill sensation of those roller coasters ^^. Hoping to ride on that stuffs again.
  • 16th-18th July - Went to a two day gathering with the folks at It was kinda special gathering for a japanese-related event called Bon Odori at Shah Alam. Didn't dance like last year's but no regret, it was fun.
  • 19th July - Ct3-fansubs 2nd anniversary. Never thought it could even survived for 2 years... lol - We at Ct3 will try to entertain you guys for another year.
  • Current Semester - This semester, I grouped up with 3 talented people for our BIG assignment. I hope the project will goes on fine ^_^.

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