Monday, August 16, 2010

I Smell Mysteries!

Assalamualaikum, salam Ramadhan - how's everybody doin'?

Now that I've mentioned it, this is my first post for this year's Ramadhan, wasn't it? ^_^ - Still, we are at 6th Ramadhan? Hmm... Seems like been fasting for at least two weeks though. (Or it was just me)

Okay then, straight to topic! New Britain drama to watch on! Sherlock! Yep, Sherlock as in Sherlock Holmes!. I'm currently on the third episode (still, it was the latest episodes on the net - aired last 8th) but why this drama is different from any other Sherlock Holmes re-tellings? Yeah! Points mode!

  • The time plot was altered. We aren't focusing on the Industrial Revolutionary timeline - That's a change, no more old sets, no more unfashionable costumes. The storyline, however was switched to 21st century. How many differences did it made? Not much but continue reading...
  • 221B Baker Street (Did that address meant anything to you? Fans of Detective stories should know this btw) is also used as Holmes and Watson's home. Yea, Watson on the series too, did that disappointed you?
  • Holmes, as always is negligent about how people would think or felt. Mysteries always kept him busy and excited.
  • Holmes and Watson always took taxi to crime scenes and places... Is Britain really that kinda country? At least, taking public transportation make the world a better place... HA!
  • At the crime scene, they do not need to remember or write down what they see. Just slide their hand onto their pocket, take their mobile phone and walla! Snap a picture! I bet the classic Sherlock Holmes will be jealous.
  • I think I've made my point.
Btw, the first season ended with 3 episode (worth it, 90 minutes per episode = 270 minutes of fun) but the second season will be airing really soon. For more information... Here!


That's it, I'm out ^^

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