Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cuti Semester

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia.

It was finally the time of the year again. College students goes for holidays, and the teenagers are filling up the spaces at shopping malls (ish, semak!) and nothing seems better than your comfort of your own bed. Okay, straight to topic!

Wait, I got no topic to blog about though...

Unfortunately, my holiday for this semester will only last for a week since I got some more better things to do back at Melaka - and guess what? I already get my driving license few months back but since I didn't have my own car yet - I guess it will be hard to polish those skills huh. By far, I only drove from Inanam (Tuaran by pass road) back home (and that is because of my dad LOL)

Luckily, since my aunt left her Kancil over at my home (she went to KL for graduation) and so, I will molest that Kancil of her's LOL

Ok then, the exams was hard, the sweat and tears for the semester also have been memorable. I'm hoping my result for this semester will be great ^^


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