Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marriage(s), Future, and beyond!

Assalamualaikum, Salam Perpaduan.

At first, I really wanted to make this post in BM (so I'll have a more broad vocabs/words to use) but since it has been a while since I'd post anything in English - here goes. ^^

This morning, I just attended two kenduri (feast) around my place. One was at the groom's and the other one was at the bride's (same couple, different venue). I've heard about my friend's friends weddings in Peninsular but in Sabah... I think it's none. The grooms and brides of the marriage occasions that I've attended was aged around 30+ (I think). Being a normal human as I am, the question "When will I get married, and at what age?!" always popped out.

This upcoming months, an online friend of mine (nickname: ustat) will finally end his zaman bujang and I do hope I can attend his marriage. For a friend, at least that what I can do, and that friend himself is already at his 28-30th already (not sure, but he did look like on that kinda age). Just happened before the semester break, another online friend on mine just went bertunang and sadly, I can't come and congratulate her, and yes - I really consider her as my older sister (dunno from her view though). In a way, marriage means you have to take note on your partner point of view. I guess after both of them are marriage to their partners, they have to bring them anywhere...

Wait, why am I writing stuffs that make marriage sounded kinda bad?... LOL. I guess there are more benefits of marriage which I didn't know (or take notice). I've heard of early marriages (around my age, while pursuing Diploma/Degree) but even I can't handle my well beings, how can I manage other's? .... Although I think that was just my lack of confidence kicking in.

Mens can change for his family - and I believe that fact!


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