Friday, February 11, 2011

Creating Endless Pattern Via Photoshop

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia, and hi.

My second tutorial post since the hidden file virus recovery stuffs (to do list: link to that post )

Ok, without further due, let's get started!


FYI, I'm using Photoshop CS2 (yea it's old, but the only thing matters is how you use your resource to its fullest).

First. Let's create a square canvas. I'll be using 200x200 square, white background.

Next. Let's put something that we want to make the pattern with. It can be something complicated later on, but for the sake of this tutorial, we'll be using a picture.

Slowly getting there...

Let's see, if we use the picture as it is right now... The pattern produced will look a lot like this.

Finished? No! We can adjust them to make it a bit better.

Moving on to the next step. Press CTRL+R, and that would reveal the ruler guidance on your canvas. Switch to your Move Tool (shortcut V) and drag a guide from the ruler guides. Simply click and hold your mouse on the ruler, and drag it to the canvas. Drag both guides to the center of the canvas (Do not worry, the guides may snap to the center automatically)

With the picture, it may hard to determine whether you've centered the guide, try and hide the picture layer first.
Without the picture

Now, we're one step closer to the finish line. 

Right click on your picture layer, duplicate it (backup purpose, in case you messed up). Hide the original picture, and select the new created layer to work on.

Select your Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)  (If you ended having other tool than this, hold down click on the most top tool, and you will be presented with 4 marquee tools. Select the first option)

Now, select a quarter of the 4 part that was divided by the guide. The marquee will snap easily to the guide, making it easier, as well as accurate. (If any of you are wondering why making the guide are crucial)

Select a quarter - Right click - Copy via Cut. Do it on all parts.

Selecting one part of the picture.

The confusing part, and still I do not know how to explain this in simple english (English isn't my mother tongue)

Substitute the quarter's position to the one that they oppose with. I do hope the graphical representation helps a lot.

And here's how the our canvas look like after moving the parts.

Didn't see the pattern? Not yet!
Wokeh, now we will add another picture to the pattern. Let's add a sport shoe into the pattern (completing the theme)

That's it, we're done! You can use this pattern for your website/picture/wallpaper or just anything that need endless rendering.

Here's the example on how the pattern will look like on a 600x300 canvas.

look way better than just balls ~
Just for the fun of it, feel free to use the tutorial till your heart content. Hope the tutorial helped a few people along the way. ^^

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia, thanks for reading.

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