Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Japan Earthquake Is A Big Thing

Assalamualaikum, hi.

Friday, 11th Mac 2011 marks the day where millions Japanese citizens experience the life-threatening moments and unintentionally affects the other people outside Japan.

The earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 occur around 2:46pm (1:46pm GMT+8, local time) hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan.

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The condition get a lot worse when the earthquake creates the tsunami after effects and tsunami alerts have been issued as a precautions action. Up until now, there's been update on the tsunami waves come into contact in Philippines and Hawaii, resulting in a non-threatening sea wave level. However, the public are advised to avoid being near the beach and sea.

The people throughout the world are praying for the Japan's safety right now. The Japan Earthquake 2011 have been in the trending topic in the social media network such as facebook and twitter, as well as millions blogs.

I've understand that the Japan television stations will continue broadcasting the updates and moments on the earthquake today, or maybe for the entire next week. The people who are following the anime(s) and television series from Japan would have to understand the situation that they are currently facing with. Human lives are far more important rather than wasting around 30 minutes for an anime episode.

There have been opinions that no anime will be aired next week, and that includes some of the anime that I'm currently watching such as GOSICK, Beelzebub, Dragon Crisis!, and the live action series that I'm currently following which are Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Kamen Rider OOO.

In this time of need, a lot of website that involve in Japanese anime(s)/drama have posted the links for donation purposes and it includes (Torrent library for Japanese Media), and it was done for the love of Japanese anime(s)/drama. Japan helped us enjoy their good anime and Jdrama... And now's the time to help them back.

I'm still finding a way to send a small amount of money for the aid, but I still can't find the right method on doing so (Can't fully trust on USA) and currently in search for a more local (Malaysia) donation method.
I already donated some small amount of money via CSToys.

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sayalah aku said...

yeah, total crackdown on anime shows for least a week la sa pikir. still, kubo's trolling on his twiter, s.o.b should feel lucky he's still alive, hahaha. wonder what will happen to the world if TOKYO was the epicenter of the quake, or even better, the quake in the centre of tokyo bay. serious shit if that happens.... (then we'll get shounen jump on hiatus for months)