Monday, May 2, 2011

After The Storm

Assalamualaikum, hi. It's been a while.

I literally have like 2-3 months before finishing my study of degree in database management and f*ck yea, I'm happy. On a later note, I'm still finding a place to do my internship this upcoming September. If I don't find a place by then, I'm the one f*cked up.

Still, I have a lot to do in this remaining time. I've submitted a really bad documentation for my project (2 out of 4 chapter not included) and for sure, I will have a really bad GPA this semester. I'm guessing 2.0+, and thats the highest hopes I have for.

It's been fun studying, and yes - I did have plans to continue my study later on in life, just not now.

Just a short blog post, thats all. Assalamualaikum, have a great day.


kid said...

kamu dah cuba yg terbaik.ganbatte.

oDiN said...

sambung study ?
forget it :p