Monday, May 9, 2011

Malaysians, Subtitles, Anime, JDrama and Tokusatsu

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia.
(Time to blabbering about useless stuffs again. You may get offended, but remember it wasn't just you - me too)

"Dubbed anime/jdrama sux. They use the same voice actor repeatedly, the character's mouth movement aren't sync to the audio, bla bla bla"...

First things first, you(me) suck. While somebody in your neighborhood finally understand what the story is all about, you blindly bragging about your taste and viewing standards. In Malaysia alone, we have around 8.1% illiterates and they watch television too. In another case (fansubs), not ALL of us understand English splendidly.

Back then, I remember asking an Indonesian worker at my school's diner to use the television in the diner (to watch dvd). She got excited and gave the permission to use it but guess what? She's illiterate. It was a Japanese movie so I have to show the English subtitle but still - she can't understand any of that. I've tried changing it to Malay and I did hope she can understand those words but still? Yea, you guessed it right - she's 100% illiterate. Neither Malay or English, both language seems so foreign to her (which explain why she ended being a cook, but thats not the point).

And, talking bout the Indonesians... Gotta love them. Their passion for their language is real, deep and full of spirit. They are my idol in the fansubs industries. In Tokusatsu series, they've subbed all the possible Kamen Rider series they capable of; While Malaysians just wonder off to the English subtitles by tvnihon, overtime, and what elses. The Indonesian subtitled downloads, I'm not talking about dozens, its the whole country. Love to ask Malaysians though - "Di mana nilainya Bahasa Melayu?"

2007, I'm studying a course relating to computer in GiatMara and few of my friends aren't very good in English. I am watching an episode of Kamen Rider Den-O (tvnihon) at that time, some few people accompanied me watching, and they ask whether it have Malay subtitles. (Yes, studying at that place triggers me to do Malay Subtitles). Put that in mind, not all of us know English either. If I must set an example, it's like us Malaysian watching some Philippines shows, subbed in Spanish. (that example maybe arguable but I don't care about the details)

Then again, I did know not not ALL Malaysians are Malay. Bahasa Melayu itself can be foreign to some. My opinion? Speak and write Malay frequently, those Malays didn't even care if it was rojak-ed, they're doing it themselves (me too). Another thing, be positives. The local dubs and subs maybe bad (depends on your standard) so... Contribute in making it better. Complaints didn't solve the problem, action is.

Assalamualaikum, salam 1 Malaysia.

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kid said...

"watching some Philippines shows,
subbed in Spanish" tak ada contoh dekat sikit ke.haha.